The Shoot and Edit Videos Using Instagram Reels
The Shoot and Edit Videos Using Instagram Reels

Okay, enough time has handed and it’s formally right here to stay. It’s time we discover ways to use Instagram Reels.
In nearly identical reputation to TikTok, Instagram Reels now permits you to shoot, edit, and put up movies absolutely on Instagram—sixty-second movies, this is. This new feature is essentially their answer to TikTok and the timing is quite ideal.

With track, AR-based effects, and overlays, in addition to a manner to cut and assemble your clips inside the app, it’s an all-in-one device for scroll-able video. This is pretty lots how human beings use the platform now, with the ordinary feed posts taking a backseat. At least, that’s the way it seems.

This is the age of man or woman creators and small corporations generating and publishing content with out complicated 1/3-birthday party apps and software program. Amazing video simply keeps getting less complicated with simply available belongings and digital camera technology breakthroughs.

Let’s smash down all the features and take a look at a way to use Instagram Reels inside the only manner feasible.

What Instagram Reels Looks Like
On Reels, you’ve got four equipment that will help you begin working to your video. Here’s what each one does:

Audio: Search and select any music you’d want to play over your video from the Instagram music library. Once you’ve selected the right tune, you can scroll thru the lyrics to find the ideal sixty seconds you want featured to your video. This is prime to the reaction and track meme motion pictures made famous on TikTok. If you’re a track-maker, you could additionally play your very own original audio, as a way to make that song to be had to apply for every body looking your Reel.
Speed: This is precisely what it appears like. You have the capability to record in gradual movement or rapid movement.

Effects: Like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories, the outcomes available are overlays and AR-minded outcomes that manage the topics and environments round you.

Timer: This characteristic is best for solo recorders who need to movie themselves dancing, appearing, or simply talking in the front of the digicam. You’re able to pick out how long you need to document, so hit the record button and get in position you’ve got three seconds.
Align: This is in all likelihood the maximum critical device presented on the home screen, right behind Audio. This feature lets you see wherein to put your self from the previous reduce so that you may be within the equal position. Confusing? Let’s communicate approximately it.
Using the Align Effect
Perhaps one of the coolest gear, the Align Effect takes the closing body from your preceding clip and applies it as an overlay over your video. What’s the factor of that?

If you’re looking to do a trick—changing garments, locations, human beings—this impact will allow you to role the camera within the right spot, making it appear like there was in no way a reduce. This the tool human beings use to make the ones shoe and outfit change motion pictures you spot anywhere!

Using the Instagram Video Editor
To document video, truely press the record button, or keep it and release when you want to forestall recording. This is pretty widespread if you’ve ever shot video to your telephone, Instagram Stories, or TikTok.

Once you’ve recorded your clip, you could trim it down to be a specific period. You’ll be able to see how lengthy the authentic clip was and how lengthy the new “reduce” clip may be.

If you’re seeking to hit particular timing marks, this could assist you have an idea of ways near you’re getting.

After you record, you have got the choice to Preview, then you’ll see the man or woman clips you recorded damaged up at the bottom of your display.

From right here, pick out which clips you need to edit down. Once you’ve set it to play for the right amount of time, hit the arrow button to use the edit for your video.

Using Titles and Stickers

Just like TikTok and Instagram Stories, you’re able to use titles and stickers, as well as draw on top of your footage. You can also upload more than one titles and have them come on and stale screen.

You’ve seen this fashion dozens, if now not loads, of instances before. Usually, people will factor to titles they place in a while. This is a manner for humans and brands to speak a message while not having to talk to the camera. This is typically performed with a popular song gambling behind the visuals.

So, upload your title, then at the bottom, you’ll see an modifying body display up so one can can help you select wherein and how long the title will pop up on display.

I made this video a yr ago and nevertheless can’t consider I used the sticker Lit within the video—I’m sorry. That being said, the stickers you could use are in fact, lit. See, I did it again.

For stickers, GIFs, and hand-drawn artwork, you’ll be locked to the complete video. Just recognize that if you add one of these factors, it’ll live on screen at some point of the recording.

How Long Can Reels Be?
When Reels turned into first released, the max time you may upload turned into fifteen seconds. However, quickly afterwards Instagram improved that to thirty seconds. Now, the legitimate time for how lengthy Reels can be is sixty seconds!

So, while that won’t look like quite a few time, you have to recall how users are ingesting those films. Just like TikTok (and Vine earlier than that) humans are trying short form content, otherwise they’d watch YouTube.

So, your videos should be concise and to the factor. I’d say you’ve got about 3 to 4 seconds to capture your visitors interest, so be sure to consist of a direct hook, whether that’s attractive text or visuals.

There are a couple of recent features that have been added to Instagram Reels in the last 12 months, like green display screen, car-portrait orientation, and speech to text.

These features are supposed for reacting to or showing your target audience a few form of image in the historical past, or providing a few subtitles or near captioning.

In the video above, you may see exactly a way to do these (they’re pretty easy).

Where to Post Your Video
Instagram now has a “Reels” feed. The content material for your Reels feeds is based on similar bills which you comply with, in addition to actual accounts you follow. When you put up your video, it’ll fall into this same type of guide algorithm.

For instance, if your video is about skateboarding, it’ll in all likelihood display up in a skateboarder’s feed sooner or later. Here are the options you have for posting your new video:

Reels Feed: Posting to Reels will plug your reel into the overall Reels feed. This is your best shot at being observed as that is how content material gets visible with the aid of those who aren’t your followers. The fashionable tick list applies for any sort of video add—ensure you tag it sufficiently and identify it with SEO in mind.
Your Feed: You also can submit the video to your feed, permitting your fans to peer the video as they scroll through their feed like normal. What’s vital to preserve in mind is that most effective your followers will see this. Any threat of getting that random algorithm love from Reels gained’t observe.

Your Stories: Posting to your Story is also an awesome idea to get it available. There’s an possibility for humans to see it and proportion it. Users watching Instagram Stories are looking for this sort of video content material compared to the customers scrolling through their feed looking at memes and pix.
DM the Video: You also can ship the video at once on your pals. This is a superb way to create personalized content meant for particular humans. This is likewise a way to attain out to human beings you wish to connect to. Or, if the video is proposing someone, they can see it this way.
How to Save Reels to Instagram

If you want to keep a Reel to Instagram, really hit the ellipses icon down in the bottom right of the screen. Then, you’ll be caused with a Save alternative and you’ll just hit that. Super easy proper?

This will robotically save the Reel alongside whatever else you’ve saved from your feed over time, no matter whether it’s a picture or video.

Uploading Images and Video to Your Feed from Desktop

While this doesn’t apply to Reels but, Instagram has lately blanketed computer uploading skills. This will let you hold something property you want published right on the desktop. The motive I blanketed it on this breakdown is due to the fact I don’t think we’re a ways off from being capable of put up pre-made reels, or movies to be published on the Reels feed directly out of your computing device.

Instagram Reels is an fantastic device for creators, small enterprise owners, and marketers because it removes an excellent bite of video production hassle. Reels’ recognition has exploded as of past due and there’s simply no stopping this short-shape content material wave that appears to be overtaking almost everything.

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