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The best blogs for online shops and e-commerce Business that you should follow

The 10 best online store blogs

It is usually said that information is power, and a truer sentence has never existed. If you already have your business running or even if you haven’t launched it yet, keeping yourself informed is a must. But because you can’t spend countless hours reading e-commerce blogs, today we present a list of websites where you are going to find the most valuable information about the sector. Here you have our top 10:
You’ve designed an awesome blog with Google’s Blogger platform, and now you can start making money by adding a free and easy-to-use Blogger shopping cart with Ecwid. And growing your business with Ecwid’s Blogger shop doesn’t require you to be a code wizard or e-commerce guru. With a few simple steps you can smoothly integrate Blogger e-commerce capability into your blog and begin selling your products immediately.

To say that ecommerce changed the landscape of how goods are marketed and sold would be an understatement. Everything you do to market your brand online will use your website as a hub. Your very own online showroom, if you will. From discovery to completing a purchase. It will all be done on or through your website. It’s the single most important element that will make or break your business.


Shopify is an enterprise that commercializes a particular software program for retailers. However, don’t suppose that this weblog is nearly their software program. Their posts are very priceless due to the fact they comprise tons of hints and functional info. They speak about advertising, positioning in engines like google, publicity, and Social Media. The weblog is in each English and Spanish.


Hubspot is yet another software program agency, even though in this case it’s greater of a CRM or Consumer Relationship Administration. They don’t have one, however, two blogs. One of them is about advertising and the different one is nearly income. The contents are well-known due to the excellent volume of statistical information they incorporate. Who hasn’t examine a submit quoting Hubspot as a supply? They’re presently creating a tutorial area. You are able to study it each in English and in Spanish (although the income weblog is simply in English).


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