How to prepare for an SEO sales call?
How to prepare for an SEO sales call?

I become born a salesclerk. Growing up in Texas, my dad had me running at Trader’s Village, promoting the whole lot from belt buckles to hat pins and every different trinket you may believe.

You didn’t need to understand a lot approximately the product. You just needed to recognise a way to haggle pricing.

Selling SEO offerings is specific. You need to have a keen knowledge of the product/service you constitute. And very importantly, you must apprehend how or if an search engine optimization effort can advantage the potentialities you’re speaking with.

If you’re not one of the companies that send a one-sheeter to show the diverse search engine marketing programs you provide, you are attempting to personalize an method in your potentialities.

In my opinion, we should do a chunk of heavy lifting before having our preliminary calls with potentialities.

This article will provide a few thoughts on how you could want to technique the initial name.

Initial questions to ask the chance
First, I propose which you ask your prospect to offer a few preliminary statistics so you can do the homework for the initial name.

It’s useful if the prospect has already supplied you with an RFP detailing the scope, in-residence team abilties and availability for the search engine marketing attempt.

If they haven’t finished an RFP, you can download the search engine marketing RFP at my employer’s blog and re-brand it/use it as a template for what you could want to provide them.

In lieu of that type of data, you ought to start through asking (as a minimum) these four questions:

What are you hoping to accomplish with this search engine marketing attempt?
Who are a few competitors that you believe to be doing well?
What type of in-residence guide do you’ve got for this attempt?
What have you carried out if some thing traditionally for search engine marketing? Perhaps they have got modern interest?
With this information, you could dig into things and determine how you’ll shape the call.

Do the studies
I start by searching at the chance’s internet site. I need to test to see if there’s any quirkiness. Let’s name this a mini-audit.

Should you offer paintings product on a sales name? Honestly, I’ve debated this question to and fro for decades. I’ve settled on the concept that folks nonetheless don’t trust SEOs, and we must spend a little more attempt to set up agree with and to train. So I see this as you ought to deliver before you get. It’s correct karma.

What’s worried in a mini audit? A few things:

Run a move slowly on the possibility’s internet site
I use Semrush. I limit the crawl to 500 pages, just sufficient to get a sense of their internet site’s brokenness.

Perform web site queries on their domain and for his or her competitors
When going for walks web site queries, in case you’re strange, you seek on Google for website online:www.Sitename.Com and/or web site:sitename.Com. You will see the URLs that Google is aware of.

An instance of something that you’ll be searching out could be finding subdomains whilst searching non-www i.E., staging.Sitename.Com. You may locate other bizarre URLs or subdomains showing in the outcomes, so examine them seriously.

Highlighting those possibilities to clean up the quest outcomes and make their brand shine should result in a new customer dating. They will appreciate your potential to be inquisitive.

Investigate their organic overall performance
I run a Semrush Organic Overview report for the chance and their competition.

Make certain to clear out to exclude any logo mentions:

How a lot visitors cost are they knowing as opposed to their competitors? Here’s what that looks like, evaluating Travelocity to Expedia:

The Traffic Cost metric is Semrush’s try and offer a alternative cost metric to expose the envisioned value of your natural presence i.E., if you needed to pay for this visitors via Google Ads, what it is able to probably cost you, per month

How many key phrases are ranking inside the pinnacle 10 as opposed to their competition? Are those right keywords or junk?

Run a Domain Comparison report I use Ahrefs for this to decide whether the prospect is aggressive with the ones websites/domains.

Suppose you notice a competitor doing well with their links. In that case, you need to run a brief Site Explorer record via Ahrefs and check some of the higher hyperlinks kind by means of Domain Authority and see particular examples for the way the competitor is gaining these valuable hyperlinks.

If some thing is relevant to your prospect, share that on a call as an instance of what they may want to remember doing.

Is there a motive why Expedia has hyperlinks from CDC.Gov and PrivacyShield.Gov, and Travelocity does no longer? At a minimal, you may create a few communicate to examine more about them.

Your intention in doing all of the above is to assist to perceive whether an funding in search engine optimization is viable. Suppose you show up to note that lots of their competitors have a big organic seek presence greater than your prospect, but their domain authority is more or less the identical.

In that case, one ought to argue that the potential is there. They need to build a higher website, create better content or restoration technical items standing in their manner.

Having the call
The greater readability you may bring to an attempt that many marketers see because the dark arts, the higher. The extra people apprehend how SEO works, the more likely they’ll invest in it.

If it stays complicated, they may be much more likely to choose the inexpensive one-sheeter search engine marketing plan.

For this purpose, I normally host those calls through GoToMeeting. I’ll share my display, percentage my studies, take their questions and solution them directly perhaps even by way of carrying out additional research on the call with them.

The idea of the mini audit isn’t to offer the whole thing away. The concept is to show an example of ways you look into things that you could need to address for the duration of the SEO engagement and display them which you’re capable of locating opportunities.

Real-international example
I these days obtained an inquiry from an e-trade enterprise. They have been sure they were hit with the aid of Google’s July 2022 Core Update. I showed thru Semrush that they’d misplaced a massive presence in Google. I additionally confirmed via archive.Org that they made considerable modifications to their internet site navigational shape at that equal time.

So, became it the Google update? Or, as is extra frequently the case, were they not aware that the navigational modifications they made impacted their natural presence.

I gave them this loose recommendation, hoping that they may decide that I’m an honest dealer and, due to that, they may need to do enterprise with my business enterprise.

If they don’t do business with us and take the unfastened recommendation and run, I type of discern that they aren’t the form of those who I could want to work with anyhow.

At least I’ve executed my component to unfold some nice mojo. Give earlier than you get.

Summary: Selling SEO starts long earlier than the sales name
When selling SEO, be organized. Preparation is one of the keys to getting new clients. How you do that is via:

Understanding your prospect: Their wishes, desires, sources and search engine optimization history.
Doing your studies: Finding search engine marketing problems and possibilities.
Demonstrating your professionalism: Your information, honesty, system and curiosity.

Once you’ve effectively sold those SEO services, the actual work can begin. Go out and assist your clients be triumphant!

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