How to make money trading Gift Cards in Nigeria?
How to make money trading Gift Cards in Nigeria?

You need to have heard approximately buying and selling present cards for cash, however you might be a bit bit confused approximately the way to do it. In this article, I am supplying you with the whole guide on the way to make money through trading your gift playing cards in Nigeria.

What are Gift Cards?
These are pay as you go playing cards loaded with a particular sum of money, which you can then use to buy items from unique shops.

Gift cards come in different sorts, countries, and denominations.

Types of Gift Cards
Gift cards exist in two paperwork- physical playing cards and E-present playing cards.

Physical playing cards: These are branded plastic cards sold from physical shops.

E-present cards: They also are called Ecodes. These are digital codes offered on-line and despatched for your electronic mail address or smartphone number.

Some famous gift cards are:

  1. Walmart gift cards
  2. Target present playing cards
  3. Amazon present cards

four. Google play present playing cards

  1. ITunes present cards
  2. Footlocker present cards
  3. Nordstrom present playing cards
  4. EBay present playing cards
  5. American Express gift playing cards
  6. Vanilla gift playing cards

And an awful lot greater…

As I noted in advance, present playing cards come in various denominations. For instance, Walmart playing cards go from at the least $10 to a most of $1000

How can you are making cash via trading Gift Cards for cash in Nigeria?
Some present cards can not be utilized in Nigeria so these playing cards may additionally appear nugatory to you. Or perhaps you simply don’t want to apply the card. The option to that is to sell the present playing cards in exchange for cash. You can try this via various gift card buying and selling systems.

Be warned, it is quite easy to get scammed whilst selling your gift playing cards so that you need to affirm these platforms and companies earlier than you trade with them.

To sell your present playing cards, although it varies on distinct platforms, you commonly observe these steps:

  1. Set up an account
  2. Enter info of your card
  3. Trade!

How a whole lot can I promote my present card for in Nigeria?
Gift card prices are not steady, they change frequently so it’s far crucial to test the every day updates of Gift Card quotes.

The price of your card relies upon on different factors including;

What type of card it is
What united states of america the cardboard is from
The amount on the cardboard
Thankfully, a few platforms have the present card fee calculator function in which you may take a look at the modern-day fee your present card goes for.

Where Can I Get Valuable Information approximately Gift Card Trading in Nigeria?
Sellgiftcards.Africa is your one-forestall to getting beneficial information, facts, and tutorials on present playing cards and trading gift playing cards in Nigeria. They provide beneficial information and sources on the way to manual you in buying and selling your present playing cards on relied on and cozy platforms.

Trading your gift cards for coins in Nigeria is brief and easy and also you need to hop in this if you have available gift playing cards. Get commenced by means of putting in an account with a trusted and dependable trading platform and be properly to your manner to becoming financially impartial.

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